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Welcome to Engagement Matters Self-Paced Course!

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Who is this course for?

  • Facilitators - who believe that participation and engagement is a critical factor in meetings and workshops
  • Meeting Owners - who are struggling with boring meetings and getting the best out of their participants
  • Teachers and Trainers - who are seeking innovative ways to keep participants engaged, connected and challenged
  • Executives - who are looking to maximize the return on time spent in meetings
  • Entrepreneurs - who want to unleash the wisdom in their teams
  • Professionals - who recognize that meeting leadership is an important 21st century skill
  • Learning Designers - who seek to participation, involvement, contribution and inclusion in their sessions
  • L&D Professionals - who seek to reinforce the organizational values and culture through the meetings that are held
  • Anybody - who wants to run meetings and workshops that people are excited to attend

By the end of the course students will:

  • Learn 9 different dimensions of engagement
  • Learn a range of options for how to vary each of the dimensions
  • Learn to use an engagement dashboard to plan and improve your meetings, workshops, training sessions etc.
  • Practice applying the dashboard to an upcoming meeting or workshop
  • Practice using the dashboard to reflect on a past meeting or workshop and identify alternative actions that would have improved engagement
  • Be a leader, executive, meeting owner, learning designer, trainer or facilitator who understands how to unleash engagement
  • Be known for running the most engaging meetings, training sessions and workshops

How you will learn?

Share Your Thoughts:

What are the benefits of having high engagement in meetings and workshops? How would you measure engagement?

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